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Big Things in 2024: A Rebrand for Our Company and a Brown County Real Estate Update

Our 2024 Rebrand

We’re thrilled to announce that we are rebranding our company in 2024! We are shifting our brand name from Sandra Ranck Real Estate to The Sandra Ranck Real Estate Collective. 

Collective = Cooperative Enterprise

This change reflects the essential core values that have always driven the way we do business. In our opinion, this is also the best way to do business, as a real estate company. We believe that the word “collective” encapsulates how we view our work as a team, our work for our clients, and our work in the community. 

We are Collective as a Team

We all help each other out and pitch in where needed. We are not internally competitive with each other. We work together to ensure the team, as a whole, is successful. 

We are Collective with Our Clients

We work in partnership with our clients, offering our high level of service and knowledge. We do not dictate the relationship. We listen to what our clients want, and then work backward from there, to help them reach their goals. Our clients feel seen and heard. 

We are Collective within the Real Estate Community

We have decades-long relationships with area companies that are involved in creating smooth real estate transactions. From lenders to contractors, we work together toward our clients’ home selling and buying goals. 

We are Collective in Our Community

On our team, we are each involved in our community. We don’t talk about it much, or brag about it, or tell you exactly how much money we’re giving back. But we’re all using our time, money, and talents to make an impact on community causes that are important to us. 

We are Collective with Our Followers

Our social media and email newsletter followers are very important to us. We know that business is a 2-way street, and that’s why we’re grateful for the chance to provide updates and resources regularly. 

A collective is special. We are so honored to be a Collective – for us, and for you, our community. Thank you for following along on our journey!

January 2024: Brown County Real Estate Update

Today’s market is really a tale of TWO markets. We’re looking at the market for homes priced below $500,000 and homes priced above $500,000. Let’s explore what this means…

By the way, when you hear the real estate market is “down,” that’s not a bad thing. It’s just showing that we don’t have the inventory to support the demand. 

Case in point? Let’s compare the Brown County real estate market in 2019 vs. 2023. We chose 2019 because it was the last normal (aka stable) real estate market, unaffected by the pandemic. 

2023 Brown County Real Estate Market: Compared to 2019

Percent Change from 2019

Total Market – Down 23%

0-$300K Houses – Down 57%

$300-500K Houses – Up 200%

$500K-1mil Houses – Up 417%

$1-2mil Houses – Up 300%

$2mil+ Houses – Up 400%

Now let’s see how 2023 compared to 2022 in Brown County. 

2023 Brown County Real Estate Market: Compared to 2022

Percent Change from 2022 & Number of Units

Total Market – Down 14% – 2,375

0-$300K Houses – Down 27% – 1,105

$300-500K Houses – Up 3% – 986

$500K-1mil Houses – Up 21% – 305

$1-2mil Houses – No change – 18

$2mil+ Houses – Up 400% – 4

The takeaway here is that we have a very tight inventory of houses priced under $500,000, especially when looking for houses priced below $300,000. Baby Boomers are playing a massive role in Real Estate.  More on that at the event.

Our total Brown County sales for 2023 was $834,797,876.  The median home price was $315,000 up 13% 0ver ‘23.  We have a 2 month supply of inventory.  Healthy is 6. Average household income in Brown County for 2023 was $72,398 which means the average household can afford around a $300,000 home.

We are going to be studying this topic more in detail at our January 17th State of the Brown County Real Estate Market event. You are invited to join us!  LOTS of important data and observations to share so you are the most informed about your home and the market.

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