About Me

Writing a self-bio (even a short one) is an interesting exercise. In keeping with my personal philosophy of “be yourself”, I’ve decided to go with brief and to the point.

About me.  I was born in the Appleton area, am the oldest of 5 children and was raised in the Pulaski area. I graduated from UW Madison (love those Badgers!) in 1988 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Advertising/Marketing.  I am married to James Ranck and have two sons, Jackson and Mitchell.  I enjoy traveling (anywhere interesting), gardening (pure heaven or total frustration depending on the weather), running (half-marathons are far enough!), reading (forever curious about something) and having fun (and lots of it) with family and friends at our cottage on Left Foot Lake in Crivitz.  I entered the field of Real Estate in I998 and have been enjoying it ever since.

What do I do? I leverage my strengths of drive/energy (that “oldest child” thing popping up), creativity, innovation and curiosity to help my clients meet their Real-Estate goals and dreams.  I specialize in Distinctive Homes because that is where my particular marketing and networking talents most help my clients. It is also where my passion lies. Beautiful properties are works of art that never cease to fascinate me. They are all special in their unique way.  Presenting them as beautifully as possible and then making someone’s dream come true is a remarkable experience. Every. Single. Time.

What do I stand for? Honesty/integrity, hard/smart work, innovation, progress and success. It is important for me to have a collaborative relationship with my clients in working toward mutually beneficial success.  It truly is a respectful partnership.  Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with incredible clients from here as well as across the country. Many have become great friends, business partners and mentors. Over 90% of my current business is referrals from past clients.  I offer something unique and valuable to my clients…100% of my attention and focus.  I am not about the masses.  I am about specializing and using my time, attention and skill to help my clients realize their Real Estate goals and dreams.

To wrap it all up, I absolutely love what I do and I enjoy the energy it takes to earn the respect of my clients. Expectation is everything and I always expect the very best in what I do and in the results.