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Buying Residential Real Estate Internationally Is Easier Than You Might Think!

Imagine yourself soaking up the sun on a pristine, sandy beach, with turquoise waters gently lapping at your feet. In the background, your dream home waits, snugly nestled in a quiet locale. 

Now, did you imagine that beach somewhere stateside? Or did the title of this article give us away, and you imagined a dream international destination? 

Today, we’re here to show you how purchasing property abroad is more achievable than you might think.

I have always been intrigued by International Real Estate buying. In fact, it’s been a long-standing goal of mine to one day be able to facilitate this unique buying experience for our clients. That day has arrived, thanks to our exceptionally talented new team member, Maria Denis.

Maria joined our office to specialize in international sales as well as selling Real Estate locally.  Her wealth of expertise in this area has been quite an eye-opener.  A seasoned professional from Mexico (bi-lingual), Maria has reinforced our belief that owning property abroad isn’t exclusive to the super-wealthy; it’s accessible to all of us.

Maria’s own experience of constructing her beach condo in Mexico has been insightful. A property that cost her and her husband $400,000 in Mexico would have been exponentially more than that in Florida on the beach (as in it would be several million dollars).  It has already increased in value substantially in the two years since they built it. They also rent it out while they are not using it.

Still, venturing overseas does require a keen understanding of factors such as banking laws, titles, and Real Estate rules specific to each country.

As an example of how we are broadening our horizons and to help expand our knowledge, we met with an International Real Estate Agent from Florida, who recently returned from an exploratory trip to Honduras to check out home ownership opportunities there.  Positioned as ‘the next Costa Rica’, Honduras is emerging as an affordable hub in International Real Estate. The company she met with is unique in its operations; they buy the land, build homes, sell the plots, and even manage the properties afterward. This means your vacation home could earn you income when you’re not using it. 

The cost? A surprisingly low $114,000 for a 1200 sq ft home!  

This is just one example of what is possible. These opportunities are not only affordable but provide the opportunity for property appreciation, especially for those considering retirement in the next few decades. Maria and our team are diligently vetting companies that offer these services, ensuring that we guide our clients toward reliable and legitimate avenues of investment.

Owning a second home abroad isn’t just reserved for the rich or famous. It’s totally within the reach of families wanting to broaden their horizons and make interesting long-term property investments. And because many of these international locations have a reasonable cost of living, you can maximize your retirement funds and live well! 

As we build out this new service for our clients, our goal is to educate and be your expert guide. We can do the homework and heavy lifting for you, helping you locate and purchase the international property of your dreams. This can be an exciting and profitable reality for you.

So, dare to dream a little. Imagine that sunny beach, your dream home, and the tantalizing adventure of owning International Real Estate. At Sandra Ranck Real Estate, we’re more than just excited about helping you make this dream a reality – we’re ready to start. Let’s do this!

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