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Why Invest in Comprehensive Staging/Styling & Marketing? Is it Worth it?

Over the years, we’ve faced a fair amount of questions when it comes to choosing to work with our agency versus another. And for good reason! We do things differently at Sandra Ranck Real Estate …ALWAYS with your success in mind. We INVEST in what is best for your desired outcome.  That investment returns on average a 6 to 15% higher sale price to you.

For example, some of our sellers have questioned whether investing in their property listing is worth it in the past couple of hot crazy market years. If that sounds familiar, today’s story is for you. 

The seller of this Broadway condo faced a decision: Save money on commission by choosing an agent willing to cut their commission and just ‘get her property on the market’ or invest in a comprehensive staging/styling & marketing opportunity with our Agency. She ultimately chose to invest in her property, and the results were undeniable.  They were flat-out AMAZING.

This Broadway condo had been listed previously, with just a few showings and no offers over a couple of months. The seller interviewed multiple agents, and we discussed our extensive approach to listing with her. Our strategy tells the whole story of a property, focusing not just on the residence itself but also on the surrounding lifestyle and living experiences in close proximity.  We tell the story of the whole package, not just the property.  Any home is much more than the home and every home has a story.  Our job is to find it, perfect it, and present it as beautifully and thoroughly as possible.

The seller decided she was confident in our team’s experience, resources, and dedication to getting the job done. She invested because she knew our team had the depth (physically, financially and intellectually), and hustle to get the job done and really elevate what she had to offer. 

And we didn’t let her down! Our efforts included spending 100 collective hours preparing the property. WE do the work NOT you. This involved assessing what was needed, bringing in items to enhance the space, cleaning (recommendations for services), and photographing every element at different times of the day. We also captured nearby attractions and surrounding areas to tell the full story.  What does it feel like to live here?  That is what a Buyer wants to feel when looking at your property online.

How do we do that?  Once we have the photographs back we create the online presentation of the listing which starts with an organized flow to the photographs, guiding potential buyers through the property as if they were physically present. We also provided detailed labels for features that might not be obvious through photos alone.  We create an experience for the Buyer that makes sense and shows the whole story in an easy-to-see way.

We then devise the best marketing strategy and market timing for you based on your goals.  This is also a critical step most often overlooked or not even considered.

Within a week of working with our team, the seller received an above-list offer for their property – a significant improvement from when it was listed with another agent. The extra commission she paid was invested right back into her listing, ultimately generating a substantially higher return on investment for her.  

Per our Seller…”I chose to work w/Sandra and her team because I knew she had what it took to achieve the highest outcome price-wise for me. I watched how she marketed other luxury properties on the market and appreciated how she showcased them. After talking with her I knew I knew it was worth it and it was. They made it easy for me, beautifully & thoroughly presented my condo, employed a great listing strategy that included an Open House, negotiated expertly for me, and managed the whole process smoothly.  Great communication and experience.  I highly recommend her when you want the very best outcome.  She and her team deliver!”

The key takeaway is that investing in a comprehensive staging/styling & marketing approach elevates a property’s offering, attracting more buyers and on average resulting in a 6 to 15% higher sale price. It is absolutely worth it!  We are always asking ourselves, “What else can we do to make this property stand out? How can we help our seller achieve the highest sale price?”

Our team’s unique dedication to telling the story of each property sets us apart from the competition and creates a truly unforgettable experience for both the buyer and seller. Buyers really appreciate all of the helpful information as well…We hear that all the time. 

Reach out today if you’re ready to elevate your selling or buying experience.  We would love to show you what we can do for you!

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