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Wings of Love: Our Origin Story

Turn the clock back to 2015 and you’ll find Sandra Ranck in the midst of a dilemma. 

Already a successful real estate professional, Sandra was considering moving her business to Keller Williams. It was going to be a big change, so she consulted her good friend, Stephanie Bruss, for business advice. 

The pair went for a walk in sunny Los Angeles, where they were attending a friend’s book launch. After Sandra shared all her concerns and fears, Stephanie turned to her and said: “If you go, you are going to fly. You just need to do it.”

At that moment, Sandra turned to look at Stephanie and spotted a pair of wings. It was a sign…

Later, after Sandra made the hard decision to move to Keller Williams, Stephanie already had in mind the perfect piece of artwork titled “Wings of Love.” This piece symbolizes the heart of our entire business. Today, it anchors the room where our clients sit down with me or a  team member to discuss their real estate goals and dreams. I love that this amazing energy and intention surround every one of the many conversations that have taken and will take place at this table.  

If you’ve ever been to our office and seen this piece in person, you may not have heard this story or realized the artwork’s significance. But these wings represent the energy that drives us forward every single day, in the work that we do for our clients and for our community. 

Everything we do is from a heart of service, love, and courage. “Wings of Love” embodies our desire to serve people transparently and genuinely, injected with a healthy dose of confidence as we help them get to where they want to be.

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