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The Power of Color in Your Home

Has our recent Wisconsin cold snap chased you indoors? Did the extra inside time get you itching to make some home improvements? 

I’ve been prepping my house to sell, and have completed a top-to-bottom paint renovation (highly recommend as it is such an impactful game changer!). It’s a well-known Realtor secret that fresh paint colors can have a big effect on your home value. Even if you’re not putting your house up for sale anytime soon, it’s a good idea to keep your colors fresh so you can get the maximum enjoyment out of your home. Color impacts how you feel, sets the mood for a space, and impacts your energy as you live in it. 

Let’s talk about some tried-and-true color trends for home interiors. 

Warm Up Your Grays

Crisp, cool grays are shifting out of style, in favor of warmer, softer gray tones. Warm grays and whites still set the stage for a neutral base as you add more colors and textures to your rooms. 

One of my favorite whites is Sherwin-Williams Shoji White. Once you pick a tone, you can also do “half tones” throughout your home – the same tone but different depths. This will keep continuity throughout the house. 

Add Confident Pops of Color

I’m pleased to see bold pops of colors coming back into style (they never left in my world). Accent walls are still trending –  use bold colors or wallpaper on them and in small areas like powder rooms and in your accessories. Neutrals still set the tone of your room, for calmness, and color can be used to add some personality.

Our climate lends itself to warm colors that literally warm you up and feel cozy.  It is winter here for a long time.  The secret is to keep that warmth feeling fresh and not closed in…Shoji does this beautifully.

Energetic yet relaxing colors such as those beachy tones are excellent for cottages or a small getaway space in your home… Just be sure the tones all complement each other.  Right now that chalky base is very in…It creates a very soft welcoming feeling.

Don’t forget about the wallpaper.  There are SO many gorgeous patterns to choose from.  Have some fun with that in small doses.  These days it is easy to remove.  Grasscloth is always in vogue.  I personally love grasscloths with a hint of metallic.  I have it in my home and office.  Love the texture and a little bit of shimmer.

Keep Your Woodwork Classic

When it comes to your woodwork colors, you have many great choices. Dark colors are starting to come back, cream/white is always in, and I’m starting to see some really beautiful white oak selections. Wide plank floors are also a really classic choice. 

Cherry is one hardwood species that is going out of style, so try to avoid it. Painted woodwork is fine, as long as it’s done well and maintained.

Color is Transformative

I built my house in 2000 when the Tuscan color palette was very popular. Today, that’s completely out of style and feels so heavy.  I repainted my house in 2020, using a beautiful and neutral Manchester Tan. It still has a warm tone (because we needed it to tie into the woodwork) and the result has been a complete refresh that flows well with the elements I am not updating (woodwork and cabinetry). 

AmyJo also transformed her home colors from traditional cherry wood to white/cream. It looks like a completely different house.  Stunning transformation.

Consult a Professional

Once upon a time a seller needed to put some work into their house in order to sell (remember those days??), I highly recommended they re-paint their home as it really needed it. My recommendation was a beautiful, rich cream color, but I  asked my client to consult a designer before choosing the exact tone.  Cream (like white) has about 1000 shades.

Unfortunately, they did not take my advice, and the color ended up looking like an unpleasant yellow with all the other tones within the house. It was $15,000 of missed opportunity that could have been avoided with a simple design consultation.  I cannot recommend this enough.  Colors pull differently depending on what surrounds it.  A Designer will know this and know how to balance it.  PRO-TIP!

Paint Has Come a Long Way

I’m not talking about colors, now, I’m talking about the paint itself. Today’s paint formulas are much different from even 5-10 years ago. There is much more variety in opacity, reflections, finishes, and more. 

Still, it pays to get good paint. Pay for the GOOD paint – I like Sherwin Williams, Farrow & Ball, and Benjamin Moore. It also pays to have a professional paint for you – but if you enjoy doing it, go for it. It’s OK to DIY your house painting but make sure you know how to edge!

Connect With Your Outdoor Space

As you’re updating your interior colors, keep continuity in mind. Your outdoor colors, including your backyard, should be cohesive with your indoor space. When you’re standing inside and looking out, the colors should flow beautifully.I hope you enjoyed this brief tour of color trends – reach out if you want some specific advice.

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