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Real Estate Lights Me Up

Why I LOVE Real Estate. A look at the mind of Sandra Ranck.

Real Estate uses my whole brain. The truth is the reason I enjoy real estate at the level I do is I find it utilizes the majority of my strengths to help other people, and to be honest it lights me up.  Some people get in their creative flow with art, and I create masterpieces with real estate.  Here’s what my brain looks like…

My analytical side is evident in the deepdive of understanding the numbers of the market and what that means to the client in a fast changing environment. The level of comprehension I need to be an industry leader leans heavily on my experience, not just research.  Knowing the numbers and variables so well is critical in the pricing of a property which is the number one factor to get right in the home sale process.  You can get everything else right but if you get the pricing wrong you are toast until you get it right.  Wasting valuable market share results in a lower sale price in the end.  The analytical side of my brain calculates these numbers based on so many factors and this strength serves my clients well. 

My creative side is on display through the staging process and the marketing of my homes.  I have a natural eye for design, and it shows with everything I do.  This in tandem with 20+ years in the business allows me to position homes aesthetically for the highest return on investment of time and money.  A home needs to speak the language of the buyer in a matter of seconds, and strategic decor is a major tool.  I believe staging is such an important way to communicate with your buyer that I have a staging team on staff.  We work in tandem to create the most appealing living spaces, and then utilize smart, targeted, and highly visual marketing materials across multiple platforms. 

Another avenue for my creativity is building homes.  I am also very successful in building homes utilizing all of what I have learned in Real Estate ($500,000+ range). I build to how I know people are living and what they are looking for. That is also how I stage as well. How people live today is changing very much, which is something I know from working with and caring about people.  Understanding these lifestyle changes is critical to successful staging and home building, and creating home environments people connect with. 

My intellectual side of the brain is served by the on-going education and continuous curiosity of the most effective way to perform in Real Estate today. I entered Real Estate in 1997 right when the industry was undergoing massive change (mls actually transitioned their published books to an on-line MLS). I thrive in a changing environment and I embrace the technology as it makes it smoother for my clients, the consumer and me. The way I look at it…You can be a leader and embrace change or you can be dragged by it. I am an early adopter…Always have been and always will be. Every year I go to an out of state market to see what they are doing in their markets that we may do in ours. My mentors are mostly outside of the industry purposefully so my clients benefit from a varied perspective. 

My innovation side is also in play by all of the new methods to serve clients in the Real Estate world. I was the first to in Northeast WI to do the following… 

1. Specialize in a niche market in 2007. I am the only person in our market that is a certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist. This certification requires 40 hours of class time, testing and selling a certain dollar amount and dollar value amount is a set amount of time.  I am also a certified International Luxury Agent for Keller Williams which also has performance requirements. 

2. I was the first to incorporate professional photography in our market place back in 2005. 

3. I was the first to incorporate staging in my listing process in 2005.

4. I was the first to create websites for properties/2010. 

5. I was the first to have my own Agent Website in 2010 promoting properties. 

6. I was the first to incorporate drone videos in 2017 (professionally produced/filmed). 

7. I was the first to produce Buyer Brochures in 2005 (one of the very few that still does it to this day due to the time and money commitment it takes to create them). 

8. I was the first to purchase a Matterport camera which provides a virtual tour and detailed floor plans for properties in 2017 

My community spirit is evident in my active participation with the City of Green Bay and surrounding areas. Building community is important to me, and I actually enjoy supporting the people and causes important to our quality of life here in Green Bay.

I became very actively involved with the Downtown of Green Bay in the Walmart debate in 2015. 

Actively involved on select Mayor appointed committees with the prior Mayor Jim Schmitt and the current Mayor Eric Gengrich. 

Active board member on both Broadway Boards. 

Active Greater Green Bay Chamber of Commerce Member 

Active Brown County Home Builders Member 

Appointed to the State Political Affairs Committee by the RANW (Realtors of NorthEast Wisconsin). 

Member of the University of Wisconsin Alumni Association 

Various other charity involvements. 

The Entrepreneur in me loves building THE BEST Real Estate Experience in the entire state. I have hired the very best Buyer’s Agent, Client Service Coordinator and in-house staging team to give our clients a lux high service experience resulting in attaining each client’s very specific Real Estate goal while freeing up their valuable time. Life is about creating experiences…we use our time to help people create their unique lifestyle.  People never forget how you make them feel. 

My service driven purpose focuses the energy of me and my team with an open heart and mind.  Making life changes such as moving can be extremely stressful, and it matters to me that our clients feel heard and valued. We are a boutique company who values service and quality over quantity. We provide valued services based on what our client’s needs are. WE LISTEN. 90% of this profession is psychological. Moving can be stressful for many. We are here, as a member of their team, to make the transition as smooth as possible. We do that by listening, having the best team in the business, having a vast array of community contacts (long standing relationships with other Agents, Appraisers, Inspectors, Lenders etc) and knowing both our business and our community inside and out. 

Finally, the Competitor in me is fed by outstanding performance in my field.  

  1. Over $120,000,000 in residential Real Estate sold.  
  2. Consistently in the top 1% of 2400 RANW Agents 
  3. 2019 Top 5 of all Keller Williams Agents in the North Central Division (over 10,000 Agents). 
  4. Recognized and appointed to important committees within and outside of my field. 

A few asides… I come from a very modest, hard working, highly ethical family that I cherish and love. I have been working since 5th grade to create my life. I love that I had parents who let me be me. I have cleaned homes, mowed lawns, washed dishes, waitressed, bar-tended, worked in a paper factory all through college/UW Madison and paid 100% my own way.  I worked at The Limited, created my own internship in Madison at WISC TV, worked in media sales (WIXX/WLUK), was the PR Director for Enzymatic Therapy and then entered Real Estate full time in 1997. Worked for Sue Hamer/Shorewest for 20 years and then switched to Keller Williams in 2017 because of their focus on technology. 

Married to a wonderful man (James) since 1990, mother of two amazing sons (Jackson 1991, Mitchell 1993) and grandmother (Miss Evelyn 2019). 

My hobbies in life are flower gardening, being at our Left Foot Lake cottage in Crivitz WI, traveling and working out. You can often find me exploring a new business in the area, attending a town board or city council meeting. My favorite time of the day is my early am tea hour…every day no matter what…even if that means that I have to get up at 3am. Yes, it is a whole hour and I cherish it. 

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WHAT I DO! I am extremely passionate about the entire business of Real Estate. It is such a perfect compliment to my natural skill set…easy as breathing to me. Generally I just love life :). 

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